General Knowledge

Subject other than art. These are from my favorite series from publishers like DK, and the old Time-Life Libraries.

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DK Books

Big Ideas

Although I haven’t read all of these (yet), Ive spent enough time in this series to feel confident that they are worth the time.

Eyewitness Collection

The Eyewitness series are kid-friendly but not dumbed down. I purchased about a hundred, and there are more. This is a smattering.

Smithsonian Collection

The Smithsonian Collection is so well edited that even though I haven’t read all of these, I’m impressed enough to refer you.


I have these, have not yet read all of them, but I’m impressed enough to point you to them.

Time LIfe Books

Half a century ago but so well written and edited… rich in content, responsible and thought-encouraging. I love them.

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