Graphic Novel Endorsements

“Marshall is an incredible draftsman and an even better teacher. His teaching methods are easily accessible, but full of depth. Under Marshall’s tutelage, my classmates included novices, semi- professional artists, art teachers, and living legends of the graphic arts world. No matter what your skill level, you owe it to yourself to take Marshall’s classes!”
Jason Ho
Artist for Bongo Entertainment
(Simpsons and Futurama Comics)
“It was excellent. As a board artist, I have the ability to translate scripts and stories into coherent visual form, but I’m often intimidated by the prospect of building my own. There was a nice combination of techniques along with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of visually constructing a story. It was well worth the time and money. Thanks again.”
—Nate Clesowich
Storyboard Artist
“All that energy, positive buzz and resonance when you are around creative people… sums up Saturday’s seminar.”
—Ellis Goodson
“Thank you for the wonderful class. I truly got what I was looking for with the refreshment on writing. I am gearing up to begin writing again and your lectures were the spark I needed.”
—Eric Hutchison
“The most popular comic book teacher the department has had.”
—George Zebot
Former Chair of Illustration,
Laguna College of Art & Design