No Response to Support Requests?

We do our best to respond to support requests within 24 hours (excluding weekends/U.S. holidays). If it’s more than 48 hours, it most likely means our emails are not getting through.

Anytime you use a form to contact us, our system sends you a confirmation email. If you did not get the confirmation, it may mean our emails can’t get through, or it may only be our automated emails that can’t get through.

Number one tip: Before contacting support again, check your spam. If our email is not there, please whitelist any mail from, then resubmit your support request.

If you use a challenge/response spam filter, the automated emails that come from our system (such as activation links and password resets) will always fail unless you whitelist us to bypass the filter. e

If you’ve whitelisted us but still aren’t getting a response…..

Here are some other possible causes:

► All our replies are bouncing back so we can’t reach you!!!

There are certain email domains that often bounce back our support emails (this also applies to our newsletter/announcement mailings):


(There may be other domains as well, or you may have a different email address that still uses one of the above servers. We will update the list as we become aware of them.)

Option A: Always try to provide a suitable alternate email address either in the provided field (if there is one) or the comment field. Ideally, it should not be the same domain as the other email or the same thing may happen.

Since gmail is free and has not been bouncing us so far, that’s one option, but it may still move our email to your spam so check there. If the alternate email works, you will need to make a point to use that if you place an order and in your membership (if you have one) as well.

We will not use your alternate address unless our first attempt to contact you was bounced back.

Option B: Ask your email provider if they can unblock our domain. (Depending on your provider, this request may not fly!)

► Our response may be in your spam folder. 

Check for our emails in your spam folder!

► Your online mail account may be over quota

Option A: If your mailbox has a quota and you filled it, please clear some space and contact us again. You may also need to empty your trash or spam folders to get below your quota.

Option B: Contact us using a different email and enter that address in the Alternate Email field.

► You contacted us by hitting reply on an email that was sent to you from an unmonitored account

If you attempt to contact us by hitting reply on any message that says it’s from an unmonitored account (the notice will appear at the end of the message), we aren’t likely to see those messages for days, weeks, or months — if at all. Please use an appropriate contact form from our website instead.

► Your email may not specifically require a reply

If your email doesn’t require a reply, we may not reply or we may move it down the response queue. But we do read all non-spam emails that get through our system. (Yes, we get spam, too!)