Marshall Vandruff

Laguna Hills, California

I graduated from Fullerton College in 1979 with honors.
I worked as a freelance illustrator from 1980 to 2004.
I’ve taught art and storytelling since 1984.

My corporation/industry client list includes:

… and many others. Over forty advertising agencies, about 100 art directors, and more than twenty schools and industry conventions.

I can provide a dozen references, but you can start with Bruce Mayo. He is one of the most awarded creative directors in OC ad history, and I’ve worked with him since early in my career. Contact Bruce via Facebook, or contact me to contact him.

Also Don Lagerberg, Professor Emeritus who hired me to teach at Cal State Fullerton. In my fourteen years there, Don treated me as supportively and appreciatively as anyone I’ve worked for. Contact Don through CSUF, or contact me to contact him.