Human Anatomy Seminar

In-person seminars suspended until further notice. See my 2022 webinars for other courses.

Anatomy for Artists is a concentrated study of the human body for artists, not a Life Drawing course. I use a full-sized skeleton and hundreds of slides to show you every significant bone, muscle and form of the figure, and we take time to “draw notes” from the slides.

This course meets for seven 4-hour in-person sessions. If you want to study with me online, go to the PRODUCTS menu.

Sessions & Topics

SESSION 1 The Torso & Classic Draftsmanship
SESSION 2 Upper Leg & Knee
SESSION 3 Lower Leg & Foot
SESSION 4 Shoulder Girdle & Upper Arm
SESSION 5 Forearm & Hand
SESSION 6 Neck & Head Structure
SESSION 7 Head & Features

For those of you who had my college anatomy classes in the past, this is the best of those semesters boiled down as a crash-course. I have over 1000 slides to show you how all the bones and muscles affect the fleshed figure. Every session includes how to solve the problems of “form in space” so that you can draw human bodies from imagination and with authority. Each session will be packed with instruction, so come prepared to learn.


Bring a sketchpad and a mechanical pencil or pen or some other non-messy point media. No charcoal or dusty media or anything that leaves shavings.


This is not a university curriculum course and you will not receive college credit for it.