Artistic Development Seminar

In-person seminars suspended until further notice. See my shop for videos and webinars.

In thirty years of teaching, I’ve seen students run into many obstacles as they pursue artistic careers. Some lack talent. Some lack training. Some face tough markets. But even in impossible markets, a few continue to train and improve and prepare and produce. The greatest battle often happens within an artist’s own personality. Our temperaments and feelings affect our art and our careers — for better and worse.

This course meets for multiple in-person sessions. If you want to study with me online, go to the PRODUCTS menu.


SEMINAR 1:  Artistic Temperaments & Achievement
The Science & The Art
SEMINAR 2:  The Creative Process
The Great Balancing Act
SEMINAR 3:  How To Get Hired in the Arts
Stories to Steer You into Real Jobs

Artistic Temperaments & Achievement:  I’ll show that there are many “artistic temperaments” and explain some modern ways of matching your personality to your artistic niche. You’ll see profiles of great artists and how they have included a great variety of types. Then I will give you what I believe is the secret of “finding yourself” in relation to your work (hint: it’s a secret that has been well- known for thousands of years.)

The Creative Process:  I’ll explain how the creative process requires you to be two kinds of people: Spontaneous and Deliberate. Each has a strength. Each has a risk. Each must find a way to balance the process. If you don’t, your spontaneity will lead you to inspired slobbery, or your deliberacy will lead you to disciplined predictability. I will give you some simple recommendations to help you maximize your productivity and surprise yourself with your best work.

How To Get Hired in the Arts:  I will tell you how people get hired. I’ll show you the realities of the market as I experienced them in my illustration career, and what I’ve observed from watching hundreds of art students pursue careers. I believe there are three big factors involved, which I’ll explain by telling you stories of my own and other artists’ failures and successes.


This is a lecture course. Bring a notebook if you’d like to take notes, or a sketchpad if you’d like to draw caricatures of the teacher.


This is not a university curriculum course and you will not receive college credit for it.