Visual Storytelling Endorsements

“…the most valuable class I’ve ever taken.”
Rad Sechrist,
Author & Artist for “Flight
Storyboard Artist for Dreamworks
“Marshall Vandruff’s Sequential Art course provided me with the most useful tools in my quest to become a proficient storyteller.”
Richard Pose
Flight” Author & Artist
“When I took the Sequential Art class I realized that you really have a grasp on something… your willingness to pour yourself into a subject — not just absorbing it for your own benefit but thinking about how to translate it. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. We students have a unique treasure in you.”
—John Donahue
Concept Artist for “Pirates of the Caribbean”
“…One of the most influential and inspiring teachers I have ever had.”
Justin Ridge
Assistant Director for “Avatar”
Storyboard Artist for “Star Wars: Clone Wars”
“Marshall’s classes have been the single biggest influence on my art career.”
Israel Sanchez
Flight” Author & Artist
“I cannot begin to describe the ways in which your class changed the way I design and tell stories. I believe the reason [our school] has a reputation of producing good solid storytellers is because of what students learn in your class. Long story short: thank you.”
Joe Graziani
“I feel like out of my whole education that I benefited most from you. With every [Sequential Art] class, I felt I received a wealth of knowledge, and wanted to learn more.”
—John Townsend
“I have you to thank for being an inspiration to my work, and I must have told you this a million times, that your anatomy workshop and sequential class are the only few things I remember and actually use at work.”
—Mary Orario
Animator for “The Simpsons”
“We really enjoyed the workshop. It went by so fast! Great input as always. You gave us a lot to think about and to be aware of.”
—Akiko & Duncan Crawford
“I just want to tell to you how much I have enjoyed your Sequential Art Class. I am doing my master’s degree in graphic design and I had to ask myself what this class would do for me…. Well, I’ve learned so much — I see my graphic design work in different ways and different perspectives. I am so glad that I didn’t limit myself. THANK YOU.”
—Judy Park
“Thank you for the Sequential Class. By far, it was the most informative class i’ve ever taken. You are an amazing instructor, and a fountain of knowledge.”
Gary Clair
“Thank you for being the most influential teacher I have ever had. I hope you keep teaching story and visual metaphor. I’m sure you’d rather be painting or drawing, but you have a gift. You have the ability to articulate and make clear the principles that are so important to the craft. Not very many people are able to do it in a way that is challenging and inspiring.”
—Kari Stringham
USC Graduate Student in Film