General FAQs & Support

These FAQs address issues related to product access, account management, and placing orders.

How do I access my video?

By following the activation link that is automatically emailed…
If you placed an order without logging in first, an activation link is emailed as soon as you place your order. (The activation link might be delayed by the system if there is an issue with your funds.) Be sure to check your inbox and spam folders.  The activation link is sent to the same email address as your receipt.
If you don’t find your activation link anywhere but you received your receipt from Paypal, your email system is probably blocking our emails before they reach you. Please see Activation Link Support for more info.
If you did not receive an activation link nor a receipt from Paypal, you may not have provided a working address at PayPal.
If you already have a login and were logged in at the time you placed your order (and if there is no issue with your payment method), you will not receive an activation link because you’re account is already activated. You have access to all your orders.

Can I get a membership without placing an order — or before placing an order?

Absolutely! By doing so, you can have sooner access to future video download orders, and there may be features that will only be available to members. A free membership has no other benefits than streamlining access when you place an order.

How do I get a membership?

There are two ways, and they only differ in how they are initiated…

  1. Click the Join Today link that appears near the top left of almost every page of the shop section. Supply an email address where we can send your membership activation link. Please do not use this method after you placed an order. It will not get you access to your downloads. Use the next method instead.
  2. The other way is to buy a video. As soon as your order is processed, an activation link is emailed to the address you supplied when you checked out or your default PayPal address if that was your payment method.  If it isn’t in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

In either case, be sure the email address you supply is valid or you won’t get your activation link. If your email address was correct but your activation link has still not arrived after an hour or two, see Activation Link Support for more info.
These two methods only initiate your registration.   Now you only need to finalize it…

How do I finalize my registration?

Locate your activation link and follow it.  This will open your profile page where you’ll select a unique username and a password. After submitting the form, please wait for it to finish processing before closing the page.

Can I change my profile settings?

Yes — everything except your username.  Log in and click Edit Profile.

Where is my receipt?

PayPal will send your receipt to the address you provide during checkout or to your default PayPal address if that was your payment method. If you did not receive your receipt, you might not have provided a valid email address when checking out. Please contact PayPal.

How is my financial information stored?

We do not collect, store, or have access to any of your financial information at Your credit card or PayPal information is processed separately and securely through PayPal. PayPal will email you the receipt so please be sure the address you provide is correct.


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