Drapery Seminar

In-person seminars suspended until further notice. See my 2022 webinars for other courses.

Anatomy classes naturally focus on the nude figure, but I found that when I mastered drawing the human body from imagination (that is — with no reference) I had no idea how to invent clothing — I had to set up models and copy the folds! Mastery in drawing clothed figures is a natural next-step for figure drawing students. This class is the most packed-with-instruction course on how to draw clothing that I know — it distills a four-night course into a four-hour session. I will help you understand all you need to know about how to draw clothed figures.

This course meets for one or two in-person sessions. If you want to study with me online, go to the PRODUCTS menu.


The  Necessary Factors

    • The Form Underneath
    • The Cloth and The Forces Acting on The Cloth

Anatomy of Folds

    • The Basic Categories
    • The Principle of “Squash & Stretch”
    • The Principle of “Radiation”

Getting Beyond Correctness

    • The Power of Interpreting Drapery

I have over 200 slides to show you how to draw drapery, including how to solve the problems of “form in space” so that you can draw clothed figures from imagination and with authority.


Bring a sketchpad and a mechanical pencil or pen or some other non-messy point media. No charcoal or dusty media or anything that leaves shavings.


This is not a university curriculum course and you will not receive college credit for it.