Artistic Development Endorsements

“I’ve done The Artist’s Way and any number of seminars and classes on the creative process and found most of them to be illuminating, but not much help to my career as an artist. Marshall’s seminar snatched all those abstract concepts out of the air and put them into my artist’s toolbox.”
Neal Romanek
“Just had to say thanks again for the insightful Temperaments class last night. You really are a natural teacher. Very engaging & informative.”
Ed Eyth
Senior Character Designer, Henson Studios
“The crazy thing with Marshall is that in a weekend you feel more prepared and inspired for life as a creative professional than you do after years in the ‘academy.’”
Eric Reimer
“Great class!! The neurons in my little brain felt like a 4th-of-July sparkler after I left class. Best money I’ve spent in a long time. I like your workshops because all the information is condensed compared to a little here and there during a regular semester. As always, you are a wonderful teacher. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and yourself with the class.”
—Cindy Thacker
“Never a dull moment, by the end of the seminar I was more intrigued than when we began. Marshall opened my eyes to many possibilities.”
—Stephanie Dillon
“I really enjoyed your class. Although I am an educator and not an artist, lots of creative effort goes into what I do. I wish that all the teachers I work with could have heard your message.”
—Shelley Arnold
“…astonishingly on target with reference to what creative people need to know to succeed.”
—Elizabeth Knox, Artist
“Thank you for the insightful lectures like always! I never fail to leave inspired, brand new, and full of more energy!”
Erika Chan