Animal Anatomy Endorsements

“You are one of the most engaging, informed instructors I’ve ever experienced. I learned volumes from the Animal Anatomy course. With joy and fond appreciation….”
Ed Eyth
Former Senior Character Designer, Henson Studios
“Your Animal Class was a great experience. It gave me exactly what I wanted and made me the draughtsman I wanted to be. Thanks for that.”
—Eric Beltz
Instructor of Animal Drawing UCSB
“You have no idea how much your teaching has helped me. Of all the teachers I have ever had, of all the professional experience I’ve had, none has impacted me as much as your classes. I only hope I can manifest half of the enlightenment you’ve brought to the class room — I wouldn’t want to let the students down. It’s hard to follow in your tracks!”
—Tina Leah-Schmidt
Current instructor of Animal Drawing at CSUF
How To Draw Animals is the best compressed, to the point, how-to bit of instruction I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot.”
—Ellis Goodson
“You are a fabulous teacher and I’m happy to hear the word’s getting around about it.”
—Mary Eaton
“The animal series was great. After a seemingly short lecture series I can confidently approach animal subjects like I never could before.”
Jacob Glaser