Human Anatomy Endorsements

“In twenty-odd hours I learned more about human anatomy in Marshall’s class than I was able to learn on my own in thirty-five years as a self-taught artist.”
Bernie Wrightson
“Marshall Vandruff’s teaching is inspiring and refreshing. I had been avoiding classrooms until Marshall offered his anatomy class. The subject was something I always wanted to concentrate on but I hadn’t the time for personal study and school had become such a nasty word. Marshall made the school experience intense, enjoyable and educational once again.”
Drew Struzan
“Marshall Vandruff’s detailed, insightful, and comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy enthusiastically boils, overflows, and fills the classroom. I would like to take this class about a hundred times.”
Charles Lynn Bragg
“It was a great epic class. If it ended after fifteen minutes it would have been money well spent. You almost wore out that little light bulb that goes on when I have an epiphany.”
—Dave Maestrejuan
“Marshall, you’ve done it again. My skills improved in the seven weeks…. You turn the most difficult problem into an easily digested meal of knowledge.”
Richard Pose
“I have taken this class twice and can say that it is and has been an amazing experience. Marshall goes through all aspects of artistic anatomy and also how to create figures in any pose from any view with precise anatomy.”
—Jason Manley
Founder of
“Marshall has the rare ability to bring together sound drawing skills and a teaching style that allows students to comprehend even the most complex forms. He helped me to see anatomy and form in a way that made my comic book inking have more authority.”
John Dickenson
Comic Book Inker for Jim Lee,
Jeff Campbell & Travis Charest
“Thanks for teaching me more than I’ve learned in any class before. I was sorry to see it end.”
Rusty Sherrill