Draftsmanship Endorsements

“Marshall has a unique way of simplifying the drawing process that makes perfect sense. Even those who have been drawing all of their lives will learn a great deal from his teachings.”
Lance Laspina
storyboard artist
director of “Painting with Fire,”
documentary on Frank Frazetta
“Marshall exceeded our expectations. Great teacher, great draftsman, very inspirational.”
—David Papajohn
Senior Art Director, Ingram Micro
“Marshall Vandruff… honestly you won’t find a better teacher at helping you with your drawing skills.”
—Jason Manley
Founder of ConceptArt.org
“I am a 3-D person, and what you explained has been more insightful than any explanation of creating space that I have experienced.”
—Karen Sullivan
“I just wanted to thank you for the class. It was really excellent. I’ve had most of the material presented to me before in books, but I didn’t grasp it fully like I did today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”
Gary Clair
“Out of all the teachers I’ve had, you have taught me the most of what I care about: to be able to draw the human body from any angle.”
—Mital Kamdar
“A gold mine of information.”
—Cory Crivari
“The class is absolutely incredible. I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing instructor and inspiration to be a better draftsman.”
—Kaleb Wyman
“You were and are the best instructor I’ve had the honor of studying with. Thank you for giving so freely of your vast knowledge of classical draftsmanship.”
—Masumi Umezaki