Build a Pet Cube

Here’s a template to build a cube for Perspective lessons. You can build it out of poster board, or thin illustration board.

  • The outlines are where you cut it out cleanly.
  • The inner red lines are where you score it lightly so it will fold neatly.
  • The most important thing is not to cut your fingers violently.
  • The flaps are where you put glue.

Besides the explicit “be careful not to cut your fingers” warning and the implied “do it accurately” advice, the next most important thing is to draw your designs before you do the cutting. It’s easier.

If you were never good at crafts, hire someone to do this, watch them, and admire them. Pay them well. Or buy a ready made cube and try to put the designs on it.

It doesn’t have to be any particular size. The size of your fist may be a bit small. The size of your head may be just right. You choose.

You don’t have to draw this exact set of shapes, but include enough circles for one view to include circles on all three visible planes, and at least two sets of concentric circles. Also, squares within squares. You’ll use them.

Craft this cube with love. It will be your friend.