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Marshall’s Illustration Classes at Fullerton College

Children’s Book Illustration. In this class, students come up with their own picture-book stories, and develop them from idea to layout to images.
This class balances two disciplines: story in the first half of the semester, pictures in the second half.
If you want to focus primarily on story crafting, FC 218 Structure and Form devotes a semester to developing a story of any genre. It’s a good preparation for this class. If you want to focus primarily on illustration, FC 225 Illustrating Literature (see below) allows you to develop images in response to existing stories.
Though we attend primarily to children’s books, you can design your project for grown-up appeal, even excluding children from your audience. You can choose your own subjects, themes, or audience if you honor the classic “picture book form” of an image on every page.

Illustrating Literature is first available at FC in Fall 2020. In this class we study how to bring stories to life with single images. We will study many classics, and learn about the relationship of verbal description to image. You will create a series of finished illustrations for a classic story. Details and syllabus TBA. If you intend to take this class and would like to contribute to how we design it, contact me before August 2020. I expect to finish the syllabus by August 12.


FC 217 Children’s Book Illustration 

Project Resources

Resources are included in the syllabi.