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I introduced Animal Drawing to the LCAD curriculum in 1999 and taught the class about thirty times under varying course titles and numbers. I’m including the syllabus both for the animation and game majors with their respective semesters (spring and fall schedules). The class evolved over 21 years. For animation majors in the early 2000’s we emphasized motion. Some semesters focused on fantasy animals, others great masters of the past… we could never fit everything into one semester, but these syllabi show the culmination of what seemed to work best – to first master the bones as forms, then in the second half of the semester go back and put muscle groups on them, delineated with cross-contours.


2020 Spring Semester Animal & Creature Drawing (Game Majors)
2019 Fall Semester Animal & Creature Drawing (Game Majors)
2019 Spring Semester Animal Drawing (Animation Majors)

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