Marshall's 1994 Perspective Video Series

screenshotI  gave these Perspective lectures at Fullerton College in 1994. A friend videotaped them.

(Click here for a synopsis of each video.)

This is a flawed production. I taught it during a primitive era when teachers used chalk, and when I knew nothing about 3D programs nor their terminology. We shot it on videotape more dated than your childhood, and it has no animations — just me in front of a chalkboard.

But it has one virtue — it is a train of thought that almost makes Perspective easy. It will guide you through how the principles work, and you'll forgive my errors and oversights when you "get it" for the first time.

I hope you can afford them at $1 per lecture. If you pay for them, you help me to produce new videos. I have high hopes to do much better teaching for you....

Watch a sample clip:

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