Marshall's 1994 Perspective Video Series

screenshotI  gave these Perspective lectures at Fullerton College in 1994. A friend videotaped them.

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This is a flawed production. It's just me in front of a classroom during a primitive era when teachers used chalk, and when I knew nothing about 3D programs nor their terminology. But it has one virtue: A train of thought that almost makes Perspective easy. I will guide you through how the principles work, and you'll forgive my errors and oversights when you "get it" for the first time.

I hope you can afford them at $1 per lecture. If you pay for them, you help me to produce new videos. I have high hopes to do much better teaching for you....

Watch a sample clip:

$12.00 (US) for 12 downloadable videos (632x480)
approx. 7 hours total
(avg. 35 minutes each video)

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