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If you placed your order before July 5, 2015, and never requested migration, this page does not apply to you. Please see Migration Support instead.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot access a video you ordered, please do not create a new membership in an attempt to solve this. This will not give you access and often creates other problems.

How to tell if you have an active membership:

You have an activated membership if you can log into it successfully. Try logging in here.

Activating a membership requires clicking the activation link our system emails to you, then selecting a username and password.

If you were logged into your membership when you placed your order:

You will not get an activation link. Your access is automatic once your payment clears at PayPal. Download buttons display on the product page as long as you are logged into the correct membership. Get to the product pages from the VIDEOS menu at the left.

If you have an activated membership but were not logged in when you placed your order:

You will likely receive another activation link which requires you to activate another membership for access to that video. A unique username and email are required for every membership. Keep track of all your membership credentials if you would like us to merge them. To request a merge, contact the webmaster with the username, email, and (if a product is involved) PayPal receipt(s) associated with the memberships.

If you do not have an activated membership:

Whether you purchased a video or signed up for a free membership, an activation link is usually sent within minutes of your payment clearing or your sign-up. It goes to the same address your PayPal receipt goes to or the email you entered for a free membership.

If your payment cleared but you did not receive your activation link after a couple hours, here are some possible causes and actions you can take:

It may be taking longer than usual.
Delays can be due to higher traffic, email providers with aggressive spam controls, periodic system maintenance, etc. Check your inbox for a couple hours, but also continue reading for other possible causes.
It may be in your spam folder.
You might have more than one spam folder or a separate spam service so check them all.
Your payment method may not have cleared yet.
Most payment clear immediately but delays can still occur. If a significant delay is anticipated, you will usually receive a notification with a time estimate from PayPal or your payment provider. Continue checking your inbox for a couple hours before requesting an activation link.
Your ISP may be blocking emails that come from our automated system.
Our activation link emails occasionally register as spam with some ISPs. Try whitelisting all email from from within your ISP’s interface or contact your ISP directly to see if they are blocking us. You will then need to complete the form below so we can resend your activation, but correcting the issue should prevent future difficulties (such as resetting your password or placing other orders).
Your inbox may be over its quota.
This will cause our activation links and all other incoming mail to bounce back to our system. Please clear space in your inbox before submitting the activation link request (below) or our reply will bounce as well. Clearing trash and junk mail folders can be a good place to start.
The email address you provided may be incorrect or inactive.
The problematic email could be in your account or your membership (if you have one), or it may be with your credit card. Please contact us using the form below. If we cannot locate your record due to an incorrect email, we may contact you for additional verification so please ensure that the email you enter in the Your Email field is correct. If you think our system may have received an incorrect or obsolete email with your order, please tell us that email in the Other Comments field to help minimize delay.

Activation Link Request

Please double-check that your email is entered correctly to ensure our reply reaches you.

If a response is necessary, we do our best to do so within 24 hours (excluding weekends and U.S. holidays).

    Not to be a nag, but if the link is in your junk mail now (give it a few minutes), you're just one click away from activation (okay, maybe two clicks) and won't need to complete this form.

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