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Jason Manley

Drapery Reviews

There is little worthwhile print material on Drapery. Glenn Vilppu and Karl Gnass teach it well as live teachers, but the books are scarce and few are good. George Bridgman's is the most famous, but the text is virtually worthless, and the pictures are difficult (if not impossible) to decipher for even the best and brightest minds. The best ever was the old Famous Artists School material, now long out of print and difficult to find.


Drawing People

This is not a book on drapery, but it includes some of the best instruction I know on how to understand folds. Worth the price for that alone, but the rest of the material is worthy as well. Practical, clear and helpful. —mv

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Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery: Solutions for Drawing the Clothed Figure

This book is hard to review well. Students who have tried to read it come away more baffled than enlightened (he tried to change the names from their traditional, faulty names to new, faulty names) and the drawings are typically Hogarthian, for better and worse, occasionally looking as if the model was wearing rubber clothing in a heat wave. But if you ignore the text and just look at the pictures, you'll learn how a fold wraps around an arm, a leg, or a body. A few very descriptive drawings that make forms clear. —mv

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Drapery Seminar

If you want to draw clothed figures, my Drapery Crash-Course will give you enough to understand and invent your own draped forms.

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