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Anatomy for Artists Reviews

Special Resource List for the ConceptArt.org Seminar

This list of resources includes all the images from the conceptart.org ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS introduction. The art resources like Frazetta and Leyendecker and the MAD collection are to inspire you by showing you how masters apply anatomical knowledge. The anatomy resources like Bridgman and Rubins and Vanderpoel are so that you can carry on with long term study. Now that you understand the concepts behind the anatomy books, you won't waste your time studying details that won't help you draw better. We spent a few hours learning the theory — now you can spend a few months practicing it, and absorbing anatomy into your skills.

Note: Some of these books may also be listed under other seminar resource reviews.

Print & Video Resources

J.C. Leyendecker

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The Human Figure

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American Artist Drawing Magazine: Drawing

This issue may be out of print — try your local library.

Animals in Motion

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Special Learning Aids

anatomyanatomyanatomyAnatomical Resin Figures

Unless Body Worlds moves into your neighborhood as a permanent exhibit, you won't get access to more detailed flayed figures than Andrew Cawrse's sculptures. The medical versions are expensive, but artists don't need them (I have one because I'm a teacher and want to feel important). Version 1, the General Use Student Model, dispenses with the color distinctions and gives you an as-close-to-real miniature human body as you can buy. In fact, these are fascinating sculpted collectibles even if you aren't studying anatomy. But if you are, you'll have the muscles in front of you, three-dimensional and accurate.

The torso sets and male & female miniature skulls are so useful that I intend to teach a course on them — but for now, Andrew is doing that. These tools are a serious investment, but worth it if you are a serious artist. —mv

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Human Anatomy Seminar

After over 900 hours of teaching artistic anatomy in college courses, I retired and boiled it all down to a concentrated summer course. I use over a thousand slides to show you every significant bone, muscle and form of the figure, and we take time to “draw notes” from the slides.

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